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Meet Hamburg’s digital and creative companies at SXSW

At SXSW 2020 you will get the chance to find out why Hamburg is Europe’s best place for a night out and one of the most inspiring places to do business in the world. The Reeperbahn Hamburgers receptions are exclusively available to SXSW badge holders who are interested in meeting with representatives from Hamburg’s digital and creative industries. Please make sure to RSVP as soon as the registrations are open!

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We’re currently working hard on the program for 2020!

Stay tuned to see what Hamburg’s creative companies have in store for next year’s SXSW!


Hamburg – hub for creative industries and city on the waterfront

The attention on Hamburg has grown rapidly since the opening of the Elbphilharmonie – one of the finest concert halls in the world. In 2018, Lonely Planet included Hamburg in its ”Top 10 Cities“ to visit. Or the New York Times, which ranked Hamburg within the top ten among its “52 Places to go“. This metropolis at the waterfront has quite something to offer.

Hamburg is one of the most dynamic economic regions in northern Europe and a hub for creative industries and startups. Germany’s second largest city is its advertising and media capital, the favorite working place for creative minds and home to major industry leaders such as Snap, Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

As the center of Germany’s music industry, Hamburg attracts both artists and music business professionals and hosts the most important music business event in Europe, with around 4,700 professionals from over 50 countries worldwide: the Reeperbahn Festival from September 18–21, 2020. The legendary clubs on the infamous Reeperbahn have been seen as springboards to fame: the Beatles were not the only ones to have their breakthrough here. Most of the young music scene is based in the districts of Altona and St. Pauli – home to the Reeperbahn.

Hamburg’s position as one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe is rooted in a mix of economic potential and a high standard of living. Many startups from Hamburg successfully developed into international companies, including Jimdo, mytaxi, or XING. Start-ups such as About You, one of Germany’s few recent unicorns continue to write this success story.

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