Edel AG is one of Europe’s leading independent media groups. We form a unified label and publishing group with an unparalleled range of products and services. 

Since 1986, the Edel label group combines its reputable name and standing with an extensive and diverse repertoire. We have the expertise to launch new releases in virtually any musical genre. In the implementation of our holistic release strategies we combine the core expertise of a record label with the short communication channels offered by our versatile company. We offer comprehensive marketing and physical distribution through all trading channels while producing CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and LPs from a single source. We cover many areas in every market sector and regularly attain peak positions in the international charts. 

Edel has been active in the home entertainment sector for over ten years and collaborates with virtually every major national and international licensor. We provide a wide range of series and films and offer partners extensive services, including comprehensive marketing, physical distribution through all trading channels and the production of DVDs, Blu-rays and special editions from a single source. 

Edel publishing group is one of the largest independent book providers in Germany. The diversity of our range has brought us a wide readership, an excellent commercial presence and a leading position in the cookbook market. Our popular non-fiction books regularly appear in the best-seller lists while our range of guidebooks is well represented on the market. The strength of the Edel publishing group is rooted in many years of expertise and the way we are set up as a media service provider. 

Contact person: 
Cornelia Oldenburg              

Website:  https://www.edel.com/de/home/