northworks was founded in early 2006 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and has been dedicated to the development and operation of PC and mobile games ever since.

The studio is one of the pioneers among the German browser game developers and has initially specialized in the creation of sports management products.

At the beginning of 2010, northworks became a subsidiary of Munich-based Travian Games GmbH. From then on, the young development studio has been dedicated to the successive expansion of its two products goalunited and ballersunited, while Travian Games took care of marketing, community management and monetization.

In 2014 United GP and in 2015 goalunited PRO have been launched as the first two cross-platform titles for browsers and tablets (Android & iOS).

Currently the team is working on two new titles to be published in 2018 (mobile) and 2019 (PC).


Contact person:

Julian Bock, CEO