anythingabout is a Software Solution provider for Content Curation and Social Networking. It started in 2011 as one of the pioneering Social Content Aggregation and Curation Software Startups based in Hamburg, Germany. With its leading SaaS product „CrowdTopic“ as the central content aggregator tool, anythingabout serves various large global corporations as well as mid-sized companies in several industries running Social Newsrooms, Topical Portals as well as Social Media Walls customized to their needs.

Other than most content curation competitors with successful off-the-shelf solutions anythingabout focusses on the B2B business providing maximum individual customization in design, features and functions for all clients provided by its integrated digital agency business section.
From 2013 anythingabout expanded its CrowdTopic product into a second Software-Tool called „CrowdWorld“ to build and run private social networks like Social Intranets (B2E), Social Sales Extranets (B2B) and Social Client Networks (B2C). Like with CrowdTopic, anythingabout’s clients value the USP of a high degree of individualization in design and functionality for their Business Social Networks.


Contact person:

Andreas Vill